Are you ready for the new legislative requirements?

The Danish Bookkeeping Act means compulsory, digital bookkeeping.

We assist companies in converting their traditional management of bookkeeping into a compulsory, digital solution.


The way you must store all your bookkeeping materials will be changed as of 2023.

As of January 1st, 2023, several companies must digitalize their bookkeeping. This is a fact after a newly passed legislation on bookkeeping, as well as changes in the Danish Financial Statements Act. These changes comprise pivotal consequences for several companies, which right now do not store their bookkeeping materials digitally. Some of the most essential changes, which the up-coming legislation requires, are:

Requirements for digital storage of all bookkeeping materials, as well as a backup copy thereof.

This requirement does not encompass companies with personal liability and a net revenue of less than DKK 300,000 in one of the last two income years.

Simplified requirements for the companies’ description of their procedures concerning transactions and storage of bookkeeping materials.

In addition, all bookkeeping registrations must refer to the rightful appendices in question. Meanwhile, there are requirements for controls, which document the validity of the registrations.

Implementation of increased fines.

The implementation of a significantly increased level of fines, possibly fines up to DKK 1.5 million, provided the company can procure neither the original, digital accounting records, nor the digital backup copy, which must be available for authorities with the authority to insight.

The definition of accounting records will expand in order to encompass the documentation of factual information in the management’s review in the company’s annual report.


NaviDoc solutions may assist you in digitalizing your bookkeeping materials:

Below, we have listed all our solutions, which may assist you in digitalizing your bookkeeping materials.

NaviDoc Workflow: for the management and storage of invoices by suppliers and financial appendices

NaviDoc Expense: for the management of business cards and private receipts

NaviDoc Mileage: for the management of the calculation of mileage

NaviDoc Time: for the management of all employee time sheets

NaviDoc Banking: making it easier to pay digitally

NaviDoc Contract: digitalizing all your contracts and corporate appointments