Employee and travel expenditures in one place

NaviDoc Expense

Upload your appendices and receipts easily to the company’s accounting program

Simplified and facilitated travel expenditures

All employees may use NaviDoc Expense, which facilitates all uploads of expenditures for the employee in the system.

Efficient management of documents

With NaviDoc Expense, the company saves time in managing the appendices, thus providing a clear overview for the individual employee, as well as the bookkeeping.

Prompt implementation

NaviDoc Expense may be implemented in most financial systems, and we will adapt our solution, according to your company’s needs.

Specific access

Decide who should have access to the documents. NaviDoc Expense may be adapted to the individual employee.

NaviDoc Expense

Scan your documents with your mobile phone

The company’s employees may scan and upload their appendices and receipts while being on the move and not having to save their receipts and hand them to the accounts department for review. Additionally, this eliminates the process of missing receipts by the employee. NaviDoc Expense makes it easy and clear to manage all expenditures.

NaviDoc Expense

Easy access for the accounts department

Provide your accounts department with an overview of expenditures for the individual employees. Thus, the accounts department will have access to expenditures uploaded, and you can easily navigate through all expenditures and appendices without having to ask for receipts from other employees.