Easy and efficient, digital invoicing system

Navidoc Workflow

Manage you digital bookkeeping

Integrations for

Cost efficiency

Easy to acquire. Users will access a contemporary and professional tool, which previously was too expensive for small companies.

Easy to implement

Easy to implement with an easy user interface as opposed to modules, which frequently are administrative burdensome, requiring updates and installations continuously.

Free updates

No operational costs for hardware, software, or internal IT resources for operations and maintenance. NaviDoc Workflow will be updated automatically.


Accessible everywhere as the VPN is not required, however, still highly reliable. Users can work from all units as long as there is internet.

NaviDoc Workflow

In the cloud and on the move

NaviDoc Workflow makes it possible to access all services from all units as long as there is internet. This makes your corporate work more flexible, allowing documents a quicker process, which requires less time.

NaviDoc Workflow

Increase your efficiency with additional modules

Additional modules from DKK 125 each month

Workflow Expense

Manage the employee and travel expenditures of the company. Get your travel expenses and expenditures in the cloud where employees can upload their expenditures through our app.

Workflow Time

Easy and simple time-registration app for project management for consultants. Workflow Time comprises functions, which consider overtime, vacations, and provide its own app for mobile phones and tablets.

Workflow Mileage

Registration of mileage. Register your total mileage through the NaviDoc Mileage App! This app calculates the total amount of mileage and transfers it to NaviDoc Expense for a clear overview.
via the Navidoc Milage App! The app calculates the number of kilometers driven and transfers it to Navidoc Expense for an overall overview.

Workflow Banking

Make your payments digitally to the corporate online bank. The payment module gives you the opportunity to pay creditors payments.

Workflow Contract

With NaviDoc Contract, the company may store and share contracts efficiently, as well as internal appointments in the company.


Gateway reduces the time you spend on sending your invoices! They can be sent via EAN or PDF by mail.

NaviDoc Workflow

Everything in one place

It is possible to provide access to the system for everyone in the company, thus grouping the users with specific rights of access. This makes it possible to acquire a customized overview of the individual employee, ensuring that all employees are granted a customized access to documents, which the company receive externally or internally.