Time-registration system for project management

NaviDoc Time

Manage your employees’ time consumption

Integrated for your financial system

With our solid experience in integrations with financial systems, we offer integrations for miscellaneous financial systems in order to acquire a clear overview.

Specific access for employees

Should the employee register his/her time on a project, or does your accounts department need an improved overview? NaviDoc Time is adapted according to the company’s needs.

Easy and intuitive user interface

We have made it easy and simple to register time on projects, so your employees do not need refresher courses before they use the system.

Easily provides an overview

For project managers, this tool easily provides an overview of how many hours spent, as well as who has been working during these hours.

NaviDoc Time

The time will be registered in the company’s financial system.

NaviDoc Time provides your accounts department with an easy and simple overview of the time registered on the individual projects, thus providing an overview of all employees’ time spent on any project. Therefore, correct invoices may easily and error-free be forwarded to the client with the correct number of hours.

NaviDoc Time

Access through all devices

With NaviDoc Time, your company will have access to our mobile app, in which employees easily and error-free can register their time spent on projects in the system. This makes it possible for employees to register their time whilst being on the move, instead of having a computer nearby in order to register their time spent in the system.