Are you ready for the new legislative requirements?

The Danish Bookkeeping Act means
compulsory, digital bookkeeping.

We assist companies in converting their traditional management of bookkeeping into a compulsory, digital solution.

navidoc time

Digital, corporate optimization

Should the employee be registering time on a project, or does your bookkeeping need an improved overview?

NaviDoc Time is adapted, according to the company’s needs. With our great experience in integrating with financial systems, we offer you integrations for several financial systems in order to provide a clear overview.


Use NaviDoc easily for your growth

Every day, more than 3,500 companies use all the advantages of NaviDoc. Become part of this optimization and get more time for your core competences. Simply put, NaviDoc comprises several smart functions, such as a revision log for every single appendix, so everyone in the company is able to see when the appendix or receipt has been registered, where it is, and e.g. if it is awaiting to be paid or approved. Thus, when being contacted in our accounts department, we are able to respond promptly!

NaviDoc Workflow

Spend minimum time on the administration of invoices

NaviDoc is easy to implement, has an easy user interface unlike modules, which are often administrative burdensome, requiring updates and installations continuously. NaviDoc has no additional expenses for hardware, software, or internal IT resources for operation and maintenance. NaviDoc Workflow is automatically being updated.

navidoc expense

Employee and travel expenditures in one place

Every employee may use NaviDoc Expense, thus facilitating every upload and all expenses by employees in the system. Decide who will have access to the documents.
NaviDoc Expense may be implemented in most financial systems, and we will adapt our solution, according to your company’s needs.