Navidoc Time

Time registration system for project management

Easy and intuitive time registration 

Creates easy overview of time usage

Access via mobile, tablet and computer

Find out about employees' time spent

Integrated into financial system

With our extensive experience in integration with financial systems, we offer integration to various financial systems for a comprehensive overview.

Easy and intuitive interface

We have made it easy and simple to register the time on projects so your employees do not need courses before using the system.

Specific access for employees

Should the employee register time on a project or should the bookkeeper have access to the overview? Navidoc Time is adapted to business needs.

Provides easy overview

For project managers, this tool provides an easy overview of how many hours have been used and who have used the hours.

Access through all devices

With Navidoc Time, the company gets access to our mobile app, where employees can easily and easily register their time on projects in the system. This allows the employee to record time on the move and does not need a computer nearby to register his time in the system. The hours.

Time is recorded in the company's financial system

Navidoc Time gives the bookkeeper a simple and simple overview of the time recorded on the individual projects, giving an overview of the individual employee's time spent on the individual projects so that the bill to the customer can be easily and easily sent out at the correct times.

Every day, there are over 3500 companies using the benefits of Navidoc. Become a part of the optimization and free the labor to your core competencies.

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