Workflow Expense

Take a look at the company's employee reviews and travel.
Get travel bills and attachments in the cloud where employees can upload their expenses on the go through our app.

Navidoc Expense Mobil App

Savings in the company

A simple and efficient travel bill is that automation process and the accounting department's work will be easier. The management gets a tool that they can use to keep an eye on what, who and where staffing and travel expenses occur.
cessen og regnskabsafdelingens arbejde bliver nemmere. Ledelsen får et værktøj, som de kan bruge til at holde øje med, hvad, hvem og hvor udlæg fra medarbejdere og rejser sker.

Savings on business trips

With NaviDoc Travel, which is part of NaviDoc Expense, your company can handle travel expenses and deposit receipts simply. The travel billing system is simple and easy to use and manage.

Management can draw detailed travel statements showing all costs registered against a particular trip.

Easy document management

From the accounting department's point of view, handling of travel expenses is one of the most frustrating recurring activities. The easiest way to complete a multi-step process is to acquire a system to handle it.

Every day, there are over 3500 companies using the benefits of Navidoc. Become a part of the optimization and free the labor to your core competencies.

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