Workflow Time

Easy and simple time registration app for project management for consultants.

Time registration in the cloud

Timer registration can be performed when it suits you - and we offer a variety of methods that make it easy to access Navidoc Time.
You can access our app so you can register your time in the system while sitting at the customer or access the system via a web browser.

Specific access to projects

Through weekends it is possible for the employee to record hours for all seven days of the week in one working session. Weekly notes only show the projects and tasks that an employee is associated with. It is possible to set an approval flow so that the weekly slip is sent to one or more approvers and when approved, it is posted and data sent for posting in the financial system.

User-friendly time registration

Common to all our solutions is that they are simple and fast to use - even for many tasks. The easier and faster the time spent can be saved, the more frequent the registrations will be.

Every day, there are over 3500 companies using the benefits of Navidoc. Become a part of the optimization and free the labor to your core competencies.

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