Drive Registration Company Application - Register your drive via the Navidoc Milage App

Driving Registration to Companies

Navidoc Mileage detects and uploads driven kilometers directly to NaviDoc Expense. With a few clicks on your smartphone, NaviDoc Mileage records your start and end destination for the trip. The app calculates the number of kilometers traveled and at the same time it transfers all data to your billing in NaviDoc Expense.

The advantages of mileage

  • Done with paper attachments and manual archiving
  • Ensures easy and statutory driving documentation
  • Driving allowance - Calculates distance in App or Google Maps
  • Workflow management so all driving is approved by the boss before it comes to payment, as well as the checker function for missing payments, statistics and reporting options.

Comes with App

Employees can easily and easily download Navidoc Mileage, and log in via their created user in the system. Your employees therefore always have access to Navidoc Mileage, and can register driving on the go.

Every day, there are over 3500 companies using the benefits of Navidoc. Become a part of the optimization and free the labor to your core competencies.

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