Navidoc Gateway

Gathers the company's invoice file in one place, with online access and an intuitive user interface.

Navidoc Gateway Modul brugerfalde

Flexible invoice module

Navidoc Gateway will ship all your invoices in seconds! Quick and easy whether they are to be sent as EAN invoices or as PDF invoices per. mail.
We have several options to choose from. Common to all solutions is that you get clear benefits and a beneficial overview.

Send invoices electronically

Send invoices in EAN format via Navidoc Gateway portal to save time and avoid any potential errors with data capturing from invoices

The advantage of the Navidoc Gateway

  • Your invoice file will be collected in one place
  • Access to online overview everywhere and opportunity to view, print and resend invoices.
  • User-friendly and fast search function
  • Time-saving for everyone in the organization

Every day, there are over 3500 companies using the benefits of Navidoc. Become a part of the optimization and free the labor to your core competencies.

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